Leisa Aitken Clinical Psychologist Northern Beaches

Leisa is a Clinical Psychologist at Collaroy on the Northern Beaches of Sydney

 Unfortunately, her books are full and she is not taking new clients in 2023. 

Leisa sees individuals who are….

  • Feeling anxious
  • Lying awake worrying too much
  • Overwhelmed by work issues
  • Unsure how to manage difficult relationships
  • Transitioning to a new life season
  • Struggling with parenting
  • Not sure how to move ahead in an area of life
  • Burnt out in work or ministry

Leisa mainly sees people who are struggling with anxiety, often triggered by relationship issues, and often associated with feelings of stress and depression.

While all psychologists will be able to give you skills to help with difficult circumstances, Leisa also enjoys engaging your capacity to step outside and observe the bigger picture of life. For example, how does your life now fit into a larger story that brings it meaning? What patterns might be evident in relationships that you cannot see, but that are getting you stuck?

This can be summarised as Looking up and Looking out, as well as the traditional Looking in.

She also works with those who feel they are generally coping well, but are wanting to gain clarity on one aspect of their life and learn some strategies to cope better.

Her aim is that you will leave feeling calmer and clearer than when you arrived.

Leisa Aitken Clinical Psychologist Northern Beaches

Phone:  0421 856 281
Email: leisaaitken@optusnet.com.au