About Leisa Aitken - Christian Psychologist


I am a Clinical Psychologist with a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) and Masters in Psychology (Clinical) from UNSW. I have done further training in ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), a type of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) which I have found extremely useful, both personally and professionally. My post graduate training has also been in Bowen Family Systems Theory which explores couple relationships, parent child interactions, and most importantly, looking at how all of these individual relationships are part of a much bigger whole. I find this to be a wonderful framework for looking at the complexity of how relationships impact us.

Work life

I have been working as a clinical psychologist for over a decade, doing…

  • private practice- both my own on the Northern Beaches and working in group practices such as the Family Systems Institute and the Mindspace
  • community talks
  • organisational training – mainly for universities, schools and law firms
  • workplace mediation and coaching managers
  • supervision of psychologists working in a large psychiatric hospital
  • training and supervision of psychologists for Cinical College membership
  • seminars, talks and workshops for churches and Christian groups

Current studies

I am currently undertaking further postgraduate study at the University of Sydney in Coaching and Positive Psychology. My thesis is on the topic of Hope – what is it that makes some of us, in the midst of chaos, able to look to the future with hope whereas others of us struggle to see the light at the end of the tunnel?

Why did I become a psychologist?

leisa aitken I began studying medicine at university but changed to psychology – in part with the thought that it could be frustrating to focus only on fixing the body, if people cannot also enjoy their lives and find their potential. I began to ask, “What leads to the flourishing life? What does it take for life to work well? How do we incorporate the spiritual into everyday life? What are the better ways to manage the tight rope complexity of relationships? How does our family when growing up impact the way we parent and partner?” These questions began my path in Psychology and I continue to ask them!

I am married and we have young adult children and these relationships are a great personal testing ground for the questions above.

While my practice is informed by the laboratory of life experience – my own and many others older and wiser than me – I am also passionate about keeping up to date with recent research and best practice in Psychology.

Leisa Aitken Clinical Psychologist Northern Beaches

Phone:  0421 856 281
Email: leisaaitken@optusnet.com.au