Leisa Aitken Clinical Psychologist approach

My approach

Many people feel, understandably, overwhelmed by life.

Part of feeling anxious and overwhelmed is that our vision of the big picture of life shrinks to a focus on ‘just coping’, and even that can be a struggle!

It can be hard to see the wood for the trees.

I hope to help you to move beyond the individual trees and see the whole forest from a bird’s eye view – and even look up to the skies above.

When people come to talk with me, I like to explore three aspects of life.

Look UP

What is important to you in the Big Picture of life?

What larger, perhaps spiritual, story do you see yourself as part of?

When you look back on this stressful time, what will count in the long run?

Look OUT

What is happening in your relationships?

What upsetting patterns might you need to look out for and find yourself stuck in? Who do you want to be when with those who are most important to you?

As a parent, partner, sibling, workmate?

How do you ‘hold onto’ this best sense of your self?

How do you manage the inevitable tightrope walk of doing relationships well?

Look IN

What is going on when you look inside?

Are you caught up in unhelpful thoughts, which capture your attention and deplete your energy?

How do you calm yourself when your worries and fears seem overwhelming?

How do you choose to follow your values, even when struggling with these feelings?

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