Eagle Psychology - Leisa Aitken

For Christians

I see many Christians and also many people with a variety of spiritual beliefs or no religion at all. I am committed to respecting each person’s beliefs and journey in our time together.

For myself, I have been a Christian for over 25 years and in that time have walked alongside many people wrestling with how to live God honouring lives as Christians, while struggling in relationships and with the stress, anxiety and depression that often is part of living in a fallen world.

I have also had the privilege of having a church community walk alongside me in difficult times. Over the years I’ve been involved in a number of evangelical churches in giving talks, leading workshops and bible studies and have been serving with my husband, who is in full time ministry in an evangelical church.

It seems that for Christians, the Big Picture aspect of our faith is often neglected when it comes to dealing with psychological issues.

Our struggles, while painful, are not a sign of God abandoning us. Exploring how God’s grace, our forgiveness through Jesus and our future hope impact whatever suffering we may be going through in the present is so important for us to grow spiritually, even in the midst of very difficult situations.

I am also very interested in the relationship between the ‘head knowledge’ of faith and the reality of emotional life. My current thesis is exploring the topic of hope and how our relationships, thinking styles and our spiritual beliefs impact our experience of being hopeful.

For Churches

Leisa has been running pastoral care evenings, half day and full day workshops for churches and Christian groups for some years, combining a Christian worldview with research from clinical and positive psychology and Bowen family systems theory. The topics she has presented include:
    • Standing firm in the storms of life- coping in tough times
      Better ways to cope with life’s daily stress
    • Decluttering our minds- the power of the conversations we have with ourselves
    • Mindfulness- learning to live in the present
    • Understanding mental illness (or a specific one e.g. depression, anxiety disorders etc)
    • A theology of emotional wellbeing- bringing God into our emotional life
    • Understanding the complex patterns of family relationships
    • For better or worse- reflecting on what works and what doesn’t work to forge a strong marriage
    • Setting boundaries in relationships-the tightrope of sacrificial love and preserving the self
    • The anxious parent-  how do I know if I am doing okay as a parent?
    • Parenting hurts- how to manage yourself as a parent when your child is doing it tough

She also is happy to discuss bespoke presentations to fit with a weekend away themes or particular needs in churches or Christian organisations.

Leisa Aitken Clinical Psychologist Northern Beaches

Phone:  0421 856 281
Email: leisaaitken@optusnet.com.au